How can I cancel or change my order?
You can cancel directly on order and then email our online customer service.

Do you guarantee my privacy?
Yes, we guarantee a safe and secure online shopping experience for our customers, and we guarantee the absolute privacy of our customers. We do our best to keep your confidentiality.

Can you source a specific watch for me?
We’d love to discuss any watch you want to buy with you! We handle many watches; the watch you are looking for may already be in our system. Please contact a customer advisor, and they will let you know if we have watches in stock or if we can source them for you. You can also add watches to your wishlist on the website or our mobile app to see if the watch you are looking for is in stock.

Are these watches good quality, or break after a few wears?
It depends on how you wear it. If worn regularly, it will last for years without any issues. The watches we offer are of high quality. These aren’t street bargains that sell out in a few days; they last for years! We are so confident in our watches that we will offer a replacement or refund if the watch is defective.

I see lower prices on other sites; why is yours more expensive?
The price of a watch depends on the quality. Many sites will offer products at the lowest rate and thus be able to sell them cheaper. We are so confident in the products on our website that you can buy them with confidence.

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